Cobra XRS 9950 Radar Detectors

Radar detectors can be a great help to drivers, but one important issue with them is that they don't just pick up police activity. At first you think that every time you hear a warning you'll be avoiding a ticket; however, you'll be fooled a lot because they also pick up a lot of outside noises, such as sirens, opening sensors, traffic sensors, and who knows what else.

Our world is filled with technological sounds that we've learned not to hear but that the detector will. At least the XRS9950 did. It sometimes gets 20 false positives for every real radar pick-up. Of course, the X and Ka bands are pretty busy these days with all those technological devices being used, and they don't call it "superhetrodyne technology" for nothing!

The XRS9950 GPS feature is rather awkward to use, as it hangs by a USB cord from the main device. This may be a temporary problem, as the company has assured us that in 2009 it will get smaller and more manageable. It does do what it says and gives out a verbal warning when you get near a police camera.

However, if you're in a suburban area where there are no speed cameras--just those that send you a ticket if you go through a red light--you may be in more danger than before. That's because you're attention gets diverted. You may wind up looking for cameras as you approach lights, instead of being tuned in to whether the light is red or green. That could lead to a nasty accident or to the ticket you were trying to avoid!

When the Cobra XRS9950 comes equipped with the GPS accessory, it does indeed perform a variety of functions. It alerts you to police who utilize radar and speed detection guns and also to traffic cameras, both those of the speeding and red-light running varieties.

Still, much as it is good to know where these cameras are in most cases, you don't want to mar your driving experience. You can become paranoid as you wait to be alerted to cameras. This may make driving a less freeing and more anxiety-ridden activity. You probably don't want that!